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B-Tohin Machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

ATB Air Suspension Bearing Single-stage High-speed Centrifugal Compressor

Structure and performance characteristics:

Imported Compressor:

Air suspension bearing: no need for lubricating oil, no vibration, semi-permanent life, low noise. The bearing utilizes the surrounding air for lubricating, and can run at higher temperature and higher speed, with the advantages of flexible start-up, low-cost operation and no mechanical friction during operation.

Impeller: made of AL7075 aluminum alloy,? precisely machined by three-dimensional design techniques, the impeller is featured with high strength, high aerodynamic efficiency, and low weariness . Its directly connection to shaft provides high power transmission efficiency.

Motor: high-speed, high efficiency of 95%, precise speed control available, small size, fast speed, air cooling.

Inverter: inverter of famous brands adopted

PLC: The programmable controller adopts well-known brands, of which the solution meets global quality standards.

Performance Parameters:

Airflow: 18.5-256m3/min

Pressure: 40-100Kpa

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0510-87061341 (售前)
0510-87076718 (售后)
0510-87076732 (技术)



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